very very very (very) wip RTS counterpart to tank cirno but there's some visuals and a boppin track to listen to so happy cirno day take this


WASD: Pan camera

E/Q: Zoom in/out

Left click: Select (drag to box select)

Right click: Issue move order to selected units


- You can't give Cirno orders.  Because Cirno is the commander and that means she takes orders from no one, not even herself.  バカ。

- Each fairy is attached to a tree; fairies will respawn so long as their tree still exists, but die immediately if their tree is destroyed. 

- Fairies win if the Lunarian Purification Probe is destroyed, Lunarians win if Daiyousei's command vehicle is destroyed.


Music -

Everything Else -


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We won the war, but we lost a great baka today. (  `-`)ゝ