A downloadable game for Windows

When her village is attacked, a mostly ordinary human girl risks her life looking for her sister. Soon she finds out that the raid is the work of the Wild Hunt, led by Odin… Will her magic be enough to stop them?

(still pretty WIP but you can jump around shooting stuff so that's something right)


Left/right arrow keys: Move

Up arrow key: Jump

Z (hold): Shoot

Escape: Back to main menu


Lead - https://twitter.com/Rakaasac

Programming, UI - https://twitter.com/kurantoB

Art, Animation - https://twitter.com/_kidzuki_

Art - https://twitter.com/vathanyan

Animation, Level design - https://itch.io/profile/joaop1800

Writing - https://itch.io/profile/vithesixth

Music - https://twitter.com/Taizen_Chisou


OrdinaryTHJ5.zip 28 MB

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