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Touhous.  In a tank.  And you can drift.  Yes.  

Outmanuever and outshoot enemies to hire more touhous to crew your tank.  Includes 9 touhous with unique (or not-so-unique) skillsets.  The more diversity in crew members you have, the better you can wreck tanks using completely-utterly-realistic tank physics.  

(also nobody told cirno that a brigade is usually more than one tank ok)


WASD: drive tank

Mouse: look/aim turret

Left click: shoot

Right click: hold current turret rotation

To recruit/assign crew in crew select: click the crew member to be hired at left, then click the tank seat for them to be assigned to at right.  Hire cost will be incurred even if crew member has been hired previously.  


- Tanks tend to have weaker armor on their rear - shoot frontal armor and your shots may bounce off!
- Recruit more crew members to upgrade your tank's capabilities - each character has a unique passive, and passive effects stack!


Lead - https://twitter.com/Rakaasac

Programming - https://twitter.com/CookieRobo

UI - https://twitter.com/Taizen_Chisou

Art - https://twitter.com/heredis12

That One Cirno Dancing Animation - https://twitter.com/MachoBoyANIM

Music and SFX - https://twitter.com/alc_latte

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags3D, drifting, Physics, Singleplayer, Tanks, Touhou, Unity


TankCirno_WIN_200910 (latest version) 96 MB
TankCirno_THJ4_WIN (jam version) 46 MB

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Marisa might have a ICBM, but Cirno has a BT7 and I think she's better off because of it

its true mimi-chan wishes she could drift like this

Pretty good for a 9 day project.


Ah, this is more like 1.5 to 2 months' work actually - the original game was made back in June for Touhou Jam 4, this is the second update to it since then (exact changelists are in the devlogs up there).  


Cirno's dancing, her idea of a "brigade", and the quit game text all cracked me up. Thanks. :D

The tank is way too floaty, spinning out of control with almost every turn, and often flipping when shooting (though it is nice to have a way to unflip a stuck tank).

Parsee for Crew of the Month!