A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Yuuka is sent in to resolve another dream, only this time there's a lot more things to shoot and she has a shotgun. Includes: single-handed flip reloads, a fairly anime sword, lesbians. 


Also explained in-game but for reference: 

  •  WASD: Move
  • Mouse: Look/aim
  • C: Switch between ground and flight modes
  • On ground: Space to dash (costs stamina), Shift to sprint
  • In air: Space to ascend, Shift to descend
  • F: Switch between regular and sword forms (switching to sword form requires a certain amount of meter)
  • Regular form: Left click to shoot, Right click to parry bullets (builds meter)
  • Sword form: Left click to slash, Right click to clear nearby bullets/stagger nearby enemies (drains meter, generates shotgun ammo)
  • When in range of staggered enemy: Q to execute (generates health pickups)


actually it was just me this time (programming, character art, writing, music) - https://twitter.com/Rakaasac

External assets/libraries used: JSAM by Brogrammist, sounds from Universal Sound FX, some CC0 sounds, RealtimeCSG, environmental textures from TextureHaven, Low Poly Water, controller UI icons by Arks


YuukaDoom (Windows v0.2, latest version) 166 MB
YuukaDoom (Mac v0.2, latest version) 174 MB
YuukaDoom (v0.1, jam version) 163 MB

Development log


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First attempt: YUUKA DIED

Second attempt: YUUKA DIED

Third attempt: YUUKA DIED

Four attempt: YUUKA DIED


One hundred attempt:WIN

Ok, I think  YUUKA is the best waifu in this game


After an entire hour of dying, screaming, DOOM ost and more dying, I beat it. I finally beat the game after it took pity on me by bugging and making me invincible during boss battles.

I want more.

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