A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A certain brown-haired Touhou university student ventures into a dream world. 


Also explained in-game but for reference: 

  •  WASD / Left stick: Move
  • Mouse / Right stick: Look/aim
  • Shift + WASD / L1 + Left stick: Sprint
  • Right click / L2: Aim
  • Left click / R2: Shoot (while aiming)
  • Tab / Up on Dpad: Check inventory

Controller works for gameplay but is NOT tested in menus


  • Dream items are used to level up, but can only be eaten outside of the dream world. 
  • All Dream items in your inventory are lost if you die - try to make your way to a wake-up sign (nondescript cube in jam version) if you're carrying a lot of them! (the first wake-up sign is in the surf on the beach)
  • The dream world is not static; as the days progress, other characters may act on their own schedule..


fully responsible for whatever this is (programming, art, writing, music) - https://twitter.com/Rakaasac

Preexisting assets used: Noetic Boilerplate (custom Unity library including support for: performant 3D bullets, physics-based character controller, damage handling, inventory/items system, procedural animation/active ragdolls, dialogue queuing/display, sensor-based AI, various UI and game control/configuration utilities)

External assets/libraries used: JSAM by Brogrammist, sounds from Universal Sound FX and Gun & Explosion Sounds, some CC0 sounds, environmental textures from PolyHavenLowPoly Water, skybox from Skybox Series Free

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags3D, Horror, lowres, Touhou


PhantomAssembler (Windows v0.2, latest version) 67 MB
PhantomAssembler (Mac v0.2, latest version) 76 MB
PhantomAssembler (v0.1, Touhou Jam version) 67 MB

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