A downloadable game for Windows

Touhou meets Dark Souls. Also Yuuka wanders into someone's dream and decides to cause trouble. What could go wrong? 

(Hint: It's bullets. Lots of bullets. Also bugs)


Read the keystones in game! I'll list them here too though.

  • WASD (Left stick): Move
  • Space (B): (on ground) Dash; (In-air) Ascend
  • Shift (R1): (on ground) Sprint; (In-air) Descend
  • C (Left Stick Down): Take-off/Land
  • Hold Space/Release (B): (On-Ground) strong takeoff
  • Mouse (Right stick): Look/Aim
    • Nearby enemies will be auto-targeted if they are placed within the yellow brackets on screen. Less aiming, more dodging!
  • Left click (R2): Shoot
  • Right click (L2) : Parry
    • Successfully parrying a bullet gives you a shield that absorbs all bullets for a short duration. 
  • Escape: Exit to main menu

Xbox and PS4 controllers confirmed to work, mileage with others may vary.


Rakaasac [Twitter]

  • Project Lead
  • Programming
  • Story Writer
  • 3D Modelling
  • Character Art
  • Boss Music
  • Getting no sleep on the last day of the jam (again)

Brogrammist [Twitter]

  • Programming
  • Item Descriptions
  • Sound Design
  • Level Design
  • Refuge Music
  • Adding nice parries last minute 

Asset/library credits listed in game download


YuukaSouls v0.4 (latest version) 137 MB
YuukaSouls v0.1 (original/jam version) 92 MB

Development log


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What are the requirements for this game?

minimum spec that I've tested personally is a laptop with a Nvidia 960M, though I believe people have run it on lower specs; in terms of disk space, it's 290mb when uncompressed


thanks bro

Fun game. Keep up the great work! 

had a lot of fun playing this one 


Hiya I did a video of this game

I had fun with this.

A Touhou fangame that feels a bit like Dark Souls but plays more like Armored Core (with how Yuuka flies around and fires projectiles rather than the typical hack and slash gameplay of most Soulslike builds).

Something I never thought I'd ever type out, let alone play and enjoy as much.

Awesome work.

As a Yuuka fan this is all I could ever want.

Wish there was more game it was a lot of fun even just flying around.


imma be real, I love this game so much, I wish it was a bit longer, but the experience was pure gold.

especially after Yuuka T-posing after I jumped a cliff ain which crashed completely my game and gave me a full black screen

1000/10 get this game now

I enjoyed the game quite a bit after I downloaded it-pity it's so short.

(1 edit) (+1)

sub 3:30 speedrun 

i love all these games, they're so cool! keep up the good stuffs!

i am loving this game , the messages are great in particular argueing over best girl and such, i am at a  lost for how to recharge the spell cards however can anyone tell me how?

Glad to hear you're enjoying it! Currently you can farm spellcard items from the one blue fairy in the area left of the first bonfire (25% drop rate, probably will be patched in future to drop from other blue fairies). 


I made fanart. 


A bit easy to cheese but I had a lot of fun. Flying felt good and the autoaim area was great to have. More tea please. :3

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